Guest Announcement!

Amanda Rachels!amanda
Creative Con would like to welcome Amanda Rachels as one of our Guests this year!

When Amanda Rachels was a little girl, she wished upon a star to make her dreams of being a comic artist come true. Night after night, she wished and prayed with all her might. Then, she switched tactics and wished upon the Bat-symbol instead. SUCCESS!


Amanda’s love of horror has been a heavy influence on her recent work, Clown Town, a tale of killer clowns with a twist, and Arcana Studios’ The Book, which explores the dark side of traveling off the beaten path. She is a frequent contributor to Grayhaven Comics’ The Gathering anthology (including several covers). Currently, she is adapting William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus to graphic novel form and continuing the Flesh of White series.

See ya in August, Amanda!

Guest Announcement!

Kevin LaPorte!kevin
Creative Con would like to welcome Kevin LaPorte as one of our Guests this year!

Kevin LaPorte is the Mobile, Alabama-based writer and co-creator of genre comics with a horror bent – Roadkill du Jour, Last Ride for Horsemen, Clown Town, The Blind Eye!

The worlds Kevin creates range from dark carnivals overrun by killer clowns violently avenging abused children (Clown Town) to dying frontier towns in the Old West beset by roadkillSteampunk versions of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (the in-development Last Ride for Horsemen) to the bayou territory of a lone motorcycle gangster seeking vengeance for his cursed appetite for street meat and the slaughter of his brothers-in-arms (Roadkill du Jour)! Kevin also contributed poetry and lyrics to Ancients & Warriors: The Sketch Art of Gavin Michelli, featuring the figure work of collaborator, Gavin Michelli.

See ya in August, Kevin!