Rob Inkster

Wannabe Artist

Powers: Excellent aim. Rob also has a photographic memory, but can only activate it by drawing what he is trying to remember.




Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Wynwood

Wannabe Cosplayer

Powers: Polymath. So far we haven’t seen a weakness from Lizzy, she seems to be good at a wide variety of things.




Kenny G.

Wannabe Elitist

Powers: Mind Powers of which the extent are not fully known yet.  So far he has shown the ability to amplify others’ insecurities to a point where they can’t seem to function.



Phan-headshotHoàng Phan

Wannabe Collector

Powers: Physical Mimic. Phan has the ability to absorb physical powers from comic books that he touches while causing the ink to disappear from the page.  When the ink is gone, so are his powers.  He can only absorb one physical power at a time.


ninjabear-headshotNinja Bear

Wannabe Ninja

A bear who, thanks to a mysterious druid named Marko, was able to battle an evil animal demon within and become civilized. Soon after, he taught himself ninjitsu by intense and repetitive study of the American Ninja movie franchise.


Jeffrey ‘Gaymer’ Osterhagen

Wannabe Gamer

Powers: Super Tech. Gaymer has the ability to invent and build things with very few components.  It is thought he has received this power from a plane that exists parallel to this one where video games are real.


Ava Jade Velis

Wannabe Magician

Powers: Skilled in the art of illusion.  Also has studied Eygptian Magick at depth, giving her access to many Eygptian rituals.