So nevermind the fact that these guys have been saving Princess Toadstool in their eponymous video game series since the 80′s, now they are making house calls.

I decided to use these guys this past weekend when plumbing troubles arose and let me just say, these dudes are not professional. They showed up nearly 2 hours late and didn’t even bring tools. My house is trashed and none of my toilets work. The ONLY thing they did in the 3 hours they were here was rescue a turtle from my swimming pool. Thing is, when they pulled the turtle out, they threw it on the ground, started jumping on it and shouting ‘whoo hoo”. I didn’t see Luigi do anything the whole time he was here and…

I’m pretty sure their mustaches aren’t even real.

Video shot by Andy Pate, Cut by G$, GFX by Tim Little, Voiceover by Joe Cucinotti of “The Variants“.