So our Wannabe Heroes Kickstarter is only 10 days away from being over and we NEED YOUR HELP!  Head on over and pledge your support if you want or take a minute to download this Ninja Bear Coloring page and color it like there’s no tomorrow!Ninja-Bear-coloringpage

You may be wondering… ‘why should I color Ninja Bear?’

First of all, coloring is fun. It’s nearly impossible not to smile while coloring.  As if that’s not enough, we are going to pick our favorite colored Ninja Bear and print it in the back of the Wannabe Heroes comic book!! (giving credit to the colorist, of course!)

This contest is for all ages, but you will be judged based on your age. (I know, I know…age discrimination, but please don’t sue us!)

The deets: Once you have downloaded and colored your Ninja Bear (you can color by hand or digitally), simply email the digital file to us via the Wannabe Heroes Email! If you live close by, you can also drop off your colored pieces with me at Arena Comics on Free Comic Book Day which is May the 4th (Que Star Wars jokes here). You don’t have to support our Kickstarter to be eligible for the contest, but it’d be a lot cooler if you did, man. ;)

DEADLINE: Sunset on May 6th, 2013!  Click here to download file.