In case you were unaware, Wannabe Heroes isn’t just about the comic strip. It’s more like a group of friends who are all ‘Wannabes’ at heart. I’d like to to share a link to visit one of my fellow wannabes, Andrew Pate’s newest music project, Rogue’s Gallery.

“Rogue’s Gallery is not a band. It is a group of musicians and friends, all with different writing styles, coming together to create new music. The purpose of this site is to motivate us to continue to write on a daily basis, but with that, it will give the viewer an insight into the way songs are made, from beginning to end. We will post everything we create, every step of the process, from writing the lyrics to the full studio recording of the songs, and everything in between.” – Andrew Pate

Here is a sample of one some of the music they are creating and posting on their site.


Check it out and let ‘em know what you think! :)