Wow. It took awhile to get here. After working on technical difficulties until 2am, finally, I can post this strip. Now I’m really wishing it was a little more epic, but oh well, there’s always the bonus strip on Friday. 8-)

Have you seen the new eye-popping Contact Lens that Lizzy is babbling about? First I’d heard or seen about them was Lady Gaga sporting them in a video and now all these kids are buying them illegally through the internet. Sad thing is, there’s a reason why they aren’t legal in the states. According to experts, they are dangerous and could cause blindness. Not that the fear of going blind has ever stopped a young person from doing anything ever (er…don’t read too much into that…heh).

Anyway, just a quick word about vampires. Sigh. For me, my love for vampires peaked when I watched Fright Night in the mid 80′s. It was the perfect vampire movie for me. A character named Charley Brewster, (which Brewster was also the name of my fat orange tomcat at the time) who was very easy for me to relate to, has to deal with a vampire moving in next door. The plot is simple you may say, but it was executed to near perfection. Nowadays (I can’t believe I said ‘nowadays’, next I’ll be yelling at kids in twilight shirts how ‘back in my day’ and then my official transformation into my father will be complete) vampire movies, and monster movies in general, have lost that cult feel and It. Is. Killing. Me.

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