Don’tcha just hate it when people spoil crap for ya? We live in a time where there are more people ‘trade-waiting’ & Tivo’in than ever before, so be kind to your neighbor and keep your comments about stuff vague unless asked directly. And if you just have to tweet about how Lost ended last night, I’m not listening, because I couldn’t watch it last night and I’m looking forward to watching it tonite! Thanks for stopping by, now tell a friend and follow us on Twitter or Facebook! You won’t regret it.

P.S. for our non-comic reader audience, ‘Trade-waiting’ is the practice of not buying monthly comic books and instead waiting until they are collected in a trade paperback or hardcover and buying it at a reduced price. Save money and get the story at once. This term can also be used for people who wait to buy tv seasons on dvd instead of watching during the season.

*Wannabe Heroes is not suggesting you take up this practice, we are simply telling you what ‘trade-waiting’ is. Support your local comic shops. They will love you for it.